Bigass 7 Segment Display


A really big, really bright, modular 7-segment display.

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NOTE: This listing is for 7 individual LED segments, which is enough to build a single numeric digit.

The Bigass Seven-Segment Display is an assembly of seven hexagonal-shaped PCBs, with a total of 126 ultra-bright amber LEDs! These PCBs can be interlinked with solder joints to form a single huge 7-segment display digit. Individual segments are controlled by separate wires that can be soldered to a “control” pin on each segment (compatible with 3.3V-5V logic levels)! An easy way to control these seven-segment displays without taking up too many pins on your microcontroller is to use a shift register IC, which has the advantage of being daisy-chainable so that you can control as many segments as you’d like from a single SPI port! Segments can easily be dimmed by PWM’ing the “enable” pin on each shift register.

Each Bigass Seven-Segment Display segment requires +12V, and consumes around 120mA when turned on at full brightness. Display segments are visible in daylight at full brightness, and a fully assembled digit is 188mm (7.4in) tall x 92mm (3.7in) wide.

This product is fully open-source, and example code for driving a two-digit display with MicroPython or Arduino can be found here.

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